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7 Ways to Survive Your First Valentine’s Day After Divorce

7 Ways to Survive Your First Valentine’s Day After Divorce

Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be a tough experience for newly divorced couples. Though getting a divorce and navigating life after is stressful, there are a few ways you can get through the holiday without heartbreak.

1. Take Yourself on a Date

It may sound crazy at first, and the thought of doing something alone may sound bad, but it’s a good way to take your mind off of your divorce. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant and have whatever you want delivered to you! Don’t cheat yourself, take this opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t get the chance.

2. Be Positive

You may be feeling a range of emotions following your split — and that’s normal. Try to think about things that make you feel happy. Getting a divorce or being newly divorced can be a lonely time for some and can trigger negative emotions.

Try to let go of thoughts that make you feel low and look towards the future. There are ways you can achieve consistent happy thoughts by meditating, getting active with exercise, or practicing yoga.

3. Surround Yourself with Family

While isolation and cutting yourself off from the world may sound like a good idea, it can have a negative effect on your overall mental health. Consider leaning on those you trust the most, like family, to offer you comfort.

Having a supportive family can help keep you from falling into depression and improve your overall happiness. Spending time with loved ones is a great way to combat loneliness during a difficult time — even if that means video calling them.

4. Do Something Fun With Your Kids

If you have kids, center your Valentine’s Day activities around things they want to do. Your kids can experience the same emotions you’re feeling about your split. Try fun interactive activities that are also safe for social distancing like making cards and crafts, baking Valentine’s Day cupcakes, or watching your favorite movies together at home.

Keep in mind that your ex may also want to spend time with the kids. If needed, you can modify your custody agreement at any time in Ohio if you don’t agree with your current court-ordered visitation schedule.

5. Be Creative

COVID-19 enforced restrictions in public places are impacting travel plans for people around the world. This means it’s a great time to get creative and plan a fun day for yourself. You can find something fun and safe to do while social distancing such as having a nice picnic in your backyard complete with wine, candles, and your favorite snacks.

Consider getting hands-on by writing, painting, or even baking while you enjoy your day alone. Your children can even take part in these activities with you.

6. Take Your Time

Don’t rush into the dating scene if you’re not ready. Being newly divorced means you have time for yourself that you didn’t have before. You can learn yourself and get to know what you like and don’t like about dating.

Invite your single friends over for a fun night in. You can all enjoy each other’s company and have positive conversations. Try not to center your conversations around dating and relationships; talk about things you look forward to in the future, such as career opportunities, trips you want to take when the pandemic is over, and your kids.

7. Consult a Family Law Attorney

Being newly divorced has its ups and downs. The emotions you’re feeling are normal and will improve with time. Hiring a divorce attorney that has experience dealing with newly divorced couples can take some of the pressure away from you so you can focus on healing.

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