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Life is ever evolving. Stipulations that worked at the onset of certain court orders may not continue to work later down the line. For example, a child support payment amount that worked for both parents may not continue to work if one parent loses their job and their income decreases. At The Law Offices of LeeDaun C. Williams LLC, our Cleveland post-decree modifications lawyer can help you present your case to a court and thoroughly litigate your position.

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What Decrees Can Be Modified?

In Ohio, you are not permitted to request a modification to a property division order. Once the court determines how marital property is divided between spouses, neither party can attempt to seek modification in the future.

You can request modifications to the following orders:

To request a modification, you must be able to prove that you have experienced a significant change in circumstances.

A significant change in circumstance includes, but is not limited to:

  • A substantial increase or decrease of income
  • A parent relocates to an area out of the current custody order’s jurisdiction
  • A party suffers a change in mental or physical health
  • A child’s needs change
  • A parent is absent or unfit

If you cannot prove this change in circumstance or the court does determine your circumstance is severe enough to warrant a modification, they are likely to reject the petition. However, with the help of our Cleveland post-decree modification attorney, you have a chance at obtaining a favorable outcome for your case. We work tirelessly to create an effective case strategy and passionately litigate your position in and out of the courtroom.

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The Law Offices of LeeDaun C. Williams LLC in Cleveland is here for you to help you resolve your legal issue. We offer all our clients clear and compassionate advice and guidance and will stop at nothing to ensure you obtain a positive outcome to your case.

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