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Creating Payment Plans That Work for All Parties Involved

The responsibility of child support falls on the shoulders of both parents. If these individuals divorce, separate, or live in different homes, they will need to create a child support arrangement to ensure they are upholding their responsibility. At The Law Offices of LeeDaun C. Williams LLC, our Cleveland child support lawyer is here to help you ensure your and your child’s interests are represented and protected throughout this legal process.

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How Is Ohio Child Support Calculated?

In Ohio, the courts use a specific support calculator to determine the amount of money each parent is responsible for providing to their children. Along with this calculator, the court may also look at certain environmental factors that could affect this payment. For example, if the paying parent has children from another relationship to pay for, they may be responsible for paying less than what is provided on the calculator.

Other common factors include:

  • The child has special needs
  • The paying party has other court-ordered payments
  • The income disparity between the two households
  • The benefits either parent receives from another marriage or shared living situation
  • The amount of money either party pays for extracurricular activities such as music lessons or sports equipment
  • The financial needs and resources of each parent
  • The standard of living each parent provides for the child
  • The child’s educational needs
  • Any other relevant factors

Child Support Modifications

You can have a child support order modified when there has been a significant change in your life that affects the calculation of child support. The change required often must be substantial or a 10% change between the previous calculation and the new calculation. The child support enforcement agency can help you through an administrative review process at no cost. It's important for you to seek the advice of an attorney based on your individual circumstances. We can help explain the pros and cons of using a court process or administrative process to modify your child support order so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Enforcing an Order

There are a variety of tools that can be used to enforce a child support order. Garnishing the paying party’s wages is the most common and effective tool to obtain child support. The child support enforcement agency can help enforce your order by reporting to credit bureaus, intercepting a tax refund, or suspending licenses, such as a driver's license, professional license, or recreational license.

Your child support attorney can file a contempt motion against the paying party for non-payment of support. If they has retirement accounts, it may be possible to obtain an order that would require a payment from the retirement account to satisfy a child support arrearage. At The Law Offices of LeeDaun C. Williams LLC, our Cleveland child support attorney can help you choose which option is best for your situation and educate you on the process involved.

Here to Help You Ensure Your Child Is Financially Protected

You can trust The Law Offices of LeeDaun C. Williams LLC to provide you with sound legal guidance and services throughout your court process. We understand that legal issues concerning the family structure can be complex and challenging and will do our best to guide you through case and obtain a positive outcome.

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