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Many people are under the impression that the creation of a will or trust only benefits someone of extreme wealth. However, every person can benefit from an estate plan. At The Law Offices of LeeDaun C. Williams LLC, our Cleveland will and trust lawyer will work closely with you to help you determine which estate plan is right for your situation. Additionally, we will construct your plan to ensure it is legally enforceable and contains all assets you wish to divide between beneficiaries.

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Understanding Wills in Ohio: Protect Your Family's Future

Also known as a "last will and testament," a will is a legal document that helps you protect your family and property from being divided in a way you do not agree with after you pass away.

With a will, you can:

  • Leave your assets to people and organizations of your choice
  • Name a legal guardian for any minor children you have
  • Name someone to manage any property you leave to minor children
  • Name an executor to carry out the terms

If you pass away without a will in Ohio, the state has complete control over how your property will be distributed. According to Ohio’s intestacy laws, your property is given to your closest relatives. If there are none, they are given to increasingly distant relatives. If you have no living relatives, the state takes your property.

It is legal for Ohio residents to modify their will at any time. You can do this by:

  • Destroying the existing will with the intention of revoking it
  • Ordering another person to destroy the existing will with the intention of revoking it
  • Creating a new will that automatically revokes the old one
  • Creating a different legal document that states the existing will is revoked

If you are married when you create your will and you get divorced or separated later down the line, Ohio will revoke any language in the will that leaves property to the other party or names them as an executor.

Trusts in Ohio: A Flexible Tool for Asset Management

A trust, like a will, is a legal document that allows you to divide assets to beneficiaries of your choosing. This document is different, however, because it is not subject to Ohio probate laws. It is not subject to probate because once the person who created the document transfers the assets into the trust, it no longer belongs to the trustee.

If you create a trust, you should still create a will as a backup for the property you do not include in your trust. For example, if you acquire property and do not include it in your trust before you pass away, the property is subject to probate laws and will be under the control of the state.

To create a trust in Ohio, you must:

  • Determine whether to create an individual or shared trust
  • Determine which property to include in the document
  • Determine who is the successor trustee(s)
  • Determine the trust’s beneficiaries
  • Create the document
  • Sign the document in the presence of a notary public

Expert Guidance from a Cleveland Will & Trust Attorney

Securing your assets' future and ensuring your loved ones' well-being is a paramount responsibility. At The Law Offices of LeeDaun C. Williams LLC, we recognize the importance of comprehensive estate planning, particularly through wills and trusts. Our team can assist you by:

  • Protecting Your Legacy: Crafting a legally sound will is the first step towards protecting your legacy. We possess extensive experience in drafting wills that accurately reflect your wishes. Whether you have a substantial estate or wish to distribute sentimental assets, we work diligently to ensure that your intentions are clear and legally binding.
  • Avoiding Probate Hassles: Probate can be a complex and time-consuming process. A well-structured trust can help you navigate this potential legal dilemma. We specialize in creating trusts that facilitate the seamless transfer of assets, minimizing the impact of probate on your beneficiaries. By entrusting your estate planning to us, you can streamline the distribution of your assets without unnecessary delays.
  • Ensuring Family Financial Security: One of the primary issues for many individuals is the financial security of their family members. We can assist you in creating trusts that provide for your family's long-term financial well-being. Whether setting up a trust fund for education expenses or establishing a trust to support dependents, our expertise ensures that your family is taken care of according to your specifications.
  • Minimizing Tax Liabilities: Tax implications can significantly affect the distribution of your assets. We are well-versed in the intricacies of tax laws, enabling us to structure wills and trusts to minimize tax liabilities. By strategically planning your estate, we aim to maximize the value of the assets passed on to your beneficiaries, minimizing the impact of taxes.
  • Updating and Modifying Existing Documents: Life is dynamic, and so should your estate plan. We understand the need for periodic reviews and updates to your will and trust documents. Changes in family structure, financial status, or legislative updates may necessitate modifications. We offer seamless processes for updating your documents, ensuring your estate plan remains current and reflects your wishes.

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