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How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce

Talk to Your Children About Divorce

A divorce doesn't just affect you and your spouse — it permanently impacts your children as well. Here's how you can approach this extremely emotional situation to best support them.

Think About What You Want to Say In Advance

Before you sit down to talk to your children about divorce, it’s best to think about your talking points. If you and your spouse have discussed custody and visitation arrangements, you may want to consider finding a way to communicate this to your children.

It may be best to have this talk with both parents present. This will help your kids feel more comfortable and less like they have to choose one parent over the other.

Common Questions to Prepare For

A divorce affects many aspects of a child’s life. As you prepare to talk to your children about divorce, be ready to answer the following questions:

● Was this my fault?

● Could I have done anything differently to make you stay together?

● Do I have to move?

● Will I have to change schools?

● Does mom/dad still love me?

● Who am I going to live with?

Try to express what’s happening in simple terms. Make your conversation age-appropriate and don’t speak negatively about your soon-to-be ex-spouse. This will help your children to process the changes that will happen in their lives without having to worry about the adult details.

Reassurance and Support for Your Children

When you talk to your children about divorce, they may feel scared or nervous. Be prepared to calmly explain the upcoming changes in their life multiple times. Encourage your kids to ask questions, talk about what’s scaring them, and be sure to listen to their concerns. Above all, it’s essential to avoid making your child feel like this split was their fault.

Cleveland Divorce Attorney

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