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Child support affects all parents, whether they were married or not. Child support often needs to be modified as financial situations change, parents have additional children, or new costs have arisen, such as childcare or health insurance.

Both Parents Owe a Duty to Financially Support Their Children

A child support guideline worksheet is used to calculate a child support obligation. This calculation accounts for the gross incomes of the parents, the cost of raising children, as determined by the State, work/education related childcare costs, and the cost of providing health insurance for the children. The financial support of the children takes priority over any other financial obligation.

Child Support Modifications Through The Court or Child Support Enforcement Agency

You can have a child support order modified when there has been a change that affects the calculation of child support. The change required often must be substantial or a 10% change between the previous calculation and the new calculation. The child support enforcement agency can help you through an administrative review process at no cost. It's important for you to seek the advice of an attorney based on your individual circumstances. We can help explain the pros and cons of using a court process or administrative process to modify your child support order so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Enforcing a Child Support Order Can Be Frustrating and Time Consuming

There are a variety of tools that can be used to enforce a child support order. Garnishing the Obligor's wages is the most common and effective tool to obtain child support. The child support enforcement agency can help enforce your order by reporting to credit bureaus, intercepting a tax refund, or suspending licenses, such as a driver's license, professional license, or recreational license.

Your child support attorney can file a contempt motion against the Obligor for non-payment of support. If the Obligor has retirement accounts, it may be possible to obtain an order that would require a payment from the retirement account to satisfy a child support arrearage. At The Law Offices of LeeDaun C. Williams, we can help you choose which option is best for your situation and educate you on the process involved.

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