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What To Do If Your Ex-Spouse Isn’t Paying Child Support

Ensuring Payments Are Made

Parents have a duty to provide financially for their children, even after they get a divorce. When a marriage dissolves, it is normal for child support payments to be awarded to the custodial parent, and this is not an optional payment for the noncustodial parent. What happens, however, if payments are not being made? Here are key things to keep in mind.

Consult Your Attorney

Perhaps the first step you should take is to meet with your attorney and inform them of what is going on. They will be able to guide you on the best possible course of action based on the situation you are in. They might recommend seeking a court order of enforcement or may suggest informing state government officials of the non-payment.

Court Enforcement

Should you choose to go the route of the courts, your option is to seek an enforcement order. Your attorney can help you prepare this.

Seeking enforcement of the order means filing a motion to have the non-paying spouse appear in court to explain why they have not been paying their child support payments. The court may find them in contempt of the legal order, which can result in serious consequences for the non-payer, including jail time in addition to collecting support payments through methods such as wage garnishment.

Child Support Agency

Ohio counties have their own Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) that can provide services ranging from collecting child support payments to locating non-paying spouses. Should you choose to ask a CSEA office for assistance in collecting child support, know that the agency could use several methods of acquiring the money you are owed, including the following:

  • Withholding wages or other sources of income.

  • Bank account attachment (meaning checking and withdrawing money from that spouse’s account).

  • License suspension.

  • Ordering the non-payer to seek work, if they have none.

  • Other suspensions.

Using Your Cleveland Child Support Attorney

Regardless of the method you choose to get the child support you are owed, it is important to consult with your attorney to determine the best course of action. At The Law Offices of LeeDaun C. Williams LLC we know how important it is that you have what you are owed. We are committed to helping you defend your rights and get back what you should have never lost.

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