How to Handle Child Custody During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sharing Custody of Your Children During the Pandemic

From changing school and work schedules to the upcoming holiday season, it’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has created shifts for parents sharing custody of their children. Keep reading for advice on how to share custody safely in light of these changes, and learn if a child custody modification may be best for your order.

Tips for Sharing Custody During COVID-19

Be Flexible With Your Schedule

If you or your ex-spouse are essential workers, you may have less time to spend with your children. It’s critical to be understanding with your co-parent during this difficult time and allow them to see your children at another time. By making this accommodation, you’ll be helping your co-parent and your kids as well.

Comply With Your Custody Order

Though the pandemic has proven challenging for everyone, parents must comply with court orders — otherwise, you risk facing the consequences. Suppose an Ohio judge suspects that you are taking advantage of this situation to deny your co-parent visitation. In that case, your child custody order may be modified in your co-parent’s favor.

Maintain The Same Health Protocols

In addition to keeping yourself healthy and safe, it’s essential to keep your child safe as well, no matter which household they’re in. Speak to your ex-spouse to arrange how you’ll talk to your child about what’s happening and explain why continued health measures are necessary.

Stay Up to Date on Your Child’s Changed School Schedule

Additionally, ensure that any changes to your child’s school day are supported in both households. Whether that’s a change in the days your child is at home versus physically in school, make sure to plan accordingly with your co-parent so you can both help your child learn virtually.

Am I Eligible for a Child Custody Modification?

If you feel that your current visitation or child custody agreement no longer works with your current situation, you may try to come to a new deal with your co-parent. However, if this isn’t possible, you can dispute your Ohio agreement and request modifications in court. Throughout the pandemic, Ohio family courts are open to hear cases regarding child custody modifications.

Modifications to child custody orders will be considered according to what the court feels is the child's best arrangement. Typically, the Ohio family court will only agree to a modification if a parent can experience one of the following significant life circumstances:

  • A substantial increase or decrease in income.
  • A parent relocates to an area out of the current custody order's jurisdiction.
  • A party suffers a change in mental or physical health.
  • A child's needs change.
  • A parent is absent or unfit.

It's important to note that the affected parent must prove their situation in front of the court to consider a modification.

Child Custody Order Modifications in Cleveland

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