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Divorce, Dissolution, and Legal Separation

Legal Separation - Is It Right for You?

You may be uncertain about taking the steps necessary to end your marriage. You may have health, financial, or emotional concerns that make you want to consider other options. A legal separation will NOT legally end a marriage but it can provide you with time to sort things out. You and your spouse may choose to enter into a separation agreement concerning property division, support, and parenting time. If you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of your separation, the court will decide for you through the litigation process.

Dissolution - When Couples Can Agree

If you and your spouse mutually decide to end your marriage and agree on all the issues surrounding the termination of your marriage, obtaining dissolution of marriage is most likely the best option for you. In dissolution, you and your spouse enter into a separation agreement that will become an order of the court. The separation agreement will lay out all issues regarding property division, division of marital debt, parenting issues, and support, among other issues. If you have children, you will enter an agreement with your spouse about parenting time and decision making for your children. After reaching an agreement, you and your spouse can then jointly file for dissolution. If you cannot reach complete agreement on the issues, dissolution may not be the right choice for you.

Divorce - When Couples Cannot Agree

If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement, you may choose to file a complaint for divorce. Filing the complaint begins a lawsuit and the court will set a series of hearings to try to resolve your case or move forward to a trial. There are many steps to a divorce case and no attorney can predict the length of time a case will take or the ultimate cost. There are many unknown factors and issues that can arise during the course of a case. The main difference between a dissolution and a divorce is that when filing for a divorce, nothing is agreed upon in advance.

Choosing the Best Path for You...

Every break up of a relationship presents different issues and challenges. The time frame and cost of the method you choose often depends on the complexity of the issues present in your individual case. It is important to seek the advice of an attorney, listen to that advice, and keep the big picture in mind - moving forward with your lives and rebuilding your family.

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